Of Romeo and Juliet

At a certain point, reality could be cruel.

That’s what I thought for the moment. Don’t you think so?

I mean, all I wanted from this life is a simple, ordinary teenager life.

But I’m just an eighteen years old girl, yet I’ve already become one hell of an Erst Chevalien — The First Knight of this holy land who served the King.

Moreover, the King of this holy land is my own twin brother. And because of my incapability, I let some strangers kidnap him right under my nose.

It has been three years since the kidnapping, and I haven’t find something that would lead me to him.

See my point now?

And what will you do, if you’re me?

An eighteen years old girl who let her brother kidnapped by some strangers right in front her eyes; grieving every single day for these three years because her stupidity; whom accept a best, male-friend to be her boyfriend just because she can’t bring herself to hurt his feeling.

Like I’ve run out of problem to keep me busy, now I have laid my eyes on a stranger guy.

And my heart began to throb.

Like I’ve said. Reality could be really cruel.


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