F R A G M E N T S – 2. Exordium of Exordia

Darkness absorbed the surrounding.

Whether it was the light or it was the wind. It was like someone muted the world. None is moving. None is making any sound. The darkness has left nothing but the eerie silence and a faint breath’s sound of those two.

Under the glints of greenish moonlight, in the middle of nowhere stood a pair of teenager on their late teens; they are facing each other. One held a pair of katars — a type of push dagger from South Asia — and another held Beretta 92 on both of his hands. The tone of blood has ruin most of their perfect clothes, yet they seemed not to recognize any of that. It was all about now, at the every passing second.

They both knew it already; that one of them would die soon enough. And they had accepted the fact calmly. Plenty of experiences about facing the death had taught them one lesson: that the death was there, silently accompanying every human’s journey. Though, they also have the knowledge of how much of questions awaited to be asked.

And the time has shown its dignity.

“I know nothing about what are you,” the girl started to speak with the flat-emotionless tone of her. “Yet it seems that I have to eliminate you immediately.”

The guy in front of her chuckled, loud enough for her to hear. “Funny, I received the same order; to banish you.” He replied with his baritone voice.

She frowned as she heard his sentences, “who ordered you?”

“Why do you care?” he replied, gripping those guns on his hands while not letting his sight off of her. “You’re going to die soon enough, anyway. Does that really matter?”

She could hear with and see herself; the amusement she felt in him as he observed her continuously. How could she ignore it as whenever every time he felt delighted, those dark velvet eyes lighten with a glint of silver. She rolled her eyes lazily, “why do you think?” she asked back. “Why can’t you just think?”

He smirked. This girl is not any ordinary girl, he thought. Well, of course she was not. She was holding a pair of katars on her hands, anyway. Yet he couldn’t stop his amusement as he watched her replied every sentences of his. “Oh, you know exactly why. I just love it when you try to explain something to me.”

He could see those electric blue eyes of her lighten up with a faint emotion he could’ve never figured out. Was that embarrassment? Was it happiness? Joy? He would never known the answer. But that was more than enough for him to feel honored. At least she wasn’t that emotionless.

Knew the time has come to its limit, the girl sighed. “You’re unbelievable,” she murmured while she glanced at him. He was the most attractive-looking guy she had ever encountered. Sadly, they were not destined to form any relations; even it was a simple friendship.

Again, he couldn’t resist laughing. This girl has something amusing inside her – aside from her scary impression. Sadly, they were destined to be on this way. “You’re funny in one way or another, girl.” he complimented, which is true, at least for him.

Once more,  she frowned. “I have a name.” she said.

“I see.” A smirk appeared on his face once again. “I’m Gai. And you, milady?”

“—Rav.” She answered. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Now he tried hard not to laugh his ass off. This girl was too funny, even without any foolish expression he could not imagine. “The pleasure is mine,” he replied. Slowly, he tightened his grip on the guns. “Now, shall we?”

With the faint nod of her, the battle began.


My mother tongue is not English so if anyone want to repair my grammar, feel free to give comment. Thank you! ^_^


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